Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team

A family story

Massimiliano Schiavon was born in Murano on March 24, 1971.
It grows as the sixth generation of a family that has voted its existence, energy and passion to the magic of glass.

The enchantment that as a child encouraged him to learn about this mysterious material that could change shape and color based on the will of the Master, today makes him emerge with great satisfaction as a passionate and creative Artist, known in Murano and abroad.

The activity started at the family furnace led him to progressively expand his knowledge with gradual and continuous progress. The drawing technique, a gift that makes it unique. Knowledge of materials and colors, their weights and their fragility, needed to be able to achieve with glass each design imagined and written.

The phase of the grindstone, a further challenge to the genius and skills of the Masters who work with him today.
His production has specialized in recent years, in the creation of artistic vases, called “Pezzo d’Arte” certified and signed 1/1.